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Phase 4: Permanent Changes of Station

In addition to preparing your family and belongings for a PCS move, you should make employment-related arrangements. Determine a plan of action to maintain your employment readiness, whether that is to relocate your business; transfer your license; complete, pause, or transfer your schooling/education; or ensure a seamless transition in your remote position. Plan ahead and learn how to plug-in to your new community throughout a PCS move.

Phase 4: Permanent Changes of Station


Milestone 4: Redefining work-life balance

A PCS can provide an opportunity for you to reevaluate your goals and seek out new sources of support in your new location. Use each PCS as motivation to reset or reprioritize your individual and family goals, your schedule, your professional development opportunities, and your focus on self-care.

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Assessing your new normal and navigating new schedules

Upon receiving orders to a new location, you can start to plan for some of the foundational support systems you may need to continue on your career path. Factors that may change include the availability of child care, your children’s school schedule, and your service member’s day-to-day service-related duties. The sooner you begin planning, the sooner you can grasp how this PCS may impact your career goals.

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Developing professionally

No matter what phase of the PCS journey you’re in, there are online resources for you to use to continue to develop professionally as an entrepreneur. Many of the same resources you used in your last location may also be available when you move. Your new location may also open doors to new possibilities based on your business and your location. Conduct a local search of in-person events and training opportunities to continue to develop professionally and find network connections in your new community.

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Seeking time for self-care

Remember that self-care chat we had a few crossroads back? Well, here we are again and this time it’s just as important. Make time for the things you love, and bring joy into your life in ways that truly make YOU joyful. No matter where you are on your career journey, your self-care practice should always travel with you. 

Weaving Self-Care into your Military Life after a PCS – Assess, Adapt, & Accomplish

  • Revisit that list of three enjoyable activities you would do if you had a day away from all of your other responsibilities. Which ones did you complete? Which tasks are still on the list, unchecked?
  • Use Google, the newspaper, and social media sites to search for local opportunities to plan at least one of your desired activities in your new location.
  • Schedule the activity for a few weeks into the future. Then intentionally weave it into your schedule.
  • Invite a new connection to complete the activity with you.
  • Go do the activity!
  • If applicable, identify 1 to 2 ways that the experience helped you with your career or education (e.g.., mentoring, networking, skill development, teamwork, a creativity boost). Share your thoughts with your new network connection.
  • As you become more familiar with your new location, repeat this process and build upon your experiences.

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