Hiring Our Heroes and Grow with Google, informed by the feedback of more than 1,500 military spouses, have partnered to identify the specific challenges and barriers that military spouses face when considering entrepreneurial endeavors, growing small businesses, participating in remote work, and upskilling/reskilling to growth industries.

This roadmap marks the milestones, opportunities, and crossroads military spouses experience in their journeys and is a graphic representation to support them while informing and educating employers, policymakers and stakeholders about their experiences.

The Military Spouse Roadmap content was developed in collaboration with the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Pennsylvania State University.

About the Milspouse Roadmap

About the Map

The Military Spouse Career Journeys Roadmap was designed for military spouses, as well as those who support them. The map describes military spouse employment experiences as they pertain to entrepreneurship and self-employment, remote work, and upskilling. It highlights the stages of these journeys, delineating where seemingly different professional paths coincide, and providing places where military spouses can access resources, obtain support, and expand their knowledge.

Male Spouse at a Networking Event

On a Journey with Military Spouses

Military spouse career journeys are fast-paced and fluid. The MilSpouse Roadmap is a tool that will grow and change with military spouses, making it an evergreen resource intended to mark significant events, transitions, and challenges on the road to pursuing their careers. It’s an interactive, constantly-evolving experience, so if you have resources and knowledge that can help others, please tell us about them!