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The Military Spouse Career Journey Roadmap provides tools and resources to guide you as you forge your path.

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980,000 Military Spouses

There are nearly 980,000 military spouses, and each one is on a career journey as unique as their fingerprints. But while each spouse’s combination of skills and experiences may be distinct, there are common threads. MilSpouses share traits like adaptability and life experiences like Permanent Change of Station moves. Another thing military spouses have in common? An abundance of resources and tools available to help them pursue their career goals.

That’s where the MilSpouse Roadmap comes in. This tool, which was built with input from more than 1,500 military spouses like you, outlines three common military spouse career journeys – entrepreneurship and self-employment, remote work, and reskilling and upskilling. Along each journey, you’ll find specific steps, suggestions, and resources to help you along the way.


33% of military spouses live apart from their spouses, known as “geo-baching” to seize career opportunities


25% of military spouses have been self-employed at some point (most freelancing or contracting)


Nearly half of military spouses discuss leaving military service with their spouse specifically to support their career

Military Spouse Career Journeys Roadmap

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, launch your own business, or find a remote work opportunity, this roadmap is for you. Click on one of the journeys below to learn more about that path, then click on it again to start reviewing resources and marking your progress along the way.

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Research Fuels this map

The 2019 Military Spouse Career Journeys study included a survey of more than 1,500 military spouses that yielded several key findings. The study provided new insight into the barriers, transition points, and successes military spouses face as they pursue further education, start their own businesses, and/or seek sustainable remote work opportunities.