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Phase 4: Permanent Changes of Station

In addition to preparing your family and belongings for a PCS move, you should make employment-related arrangements. Determine a plan of action to maintain your employment readiness, whether that is to relocate your business; transfer your license; complete, pause, or transfer your schooling/education; or ensure a seamless transition in your remote position. Plan ahead and learn how to plug-in to your new community throughout a PCS move.

Phase 4: Permanent Changes of Station


Milestone 2: Concerns about family needs

Along with employment obstacles, you may also have concerns related to military life including time spent away from family, children’s education, family stability, and the perceived lack of control that may be felt over the course of your service member’s career. Many military families find themselves in need of solutions to mediate the variability and unpredictability of the military lifestyle; to locate high-quality, affordable child care; and to provide a sense of stability for their school-age children’s education.

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Planning for your child care needs

Lack of available or affordable child care is a common employment obstacle for many military spouses. Plan early and use the resources shared to help you find child care in your new location that meets your child’s needs and your family’s budget.

No Longer Eligible for Military Community Resources? is a resource for those who are no longer eligible for resources attached to service. The site provides links to your state’s resources to find childcare.

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Taking charge of your school-age children’s education

Military life may present some additional challenges to families with school-age children, primarily the prevalence of frequent moves. Whether your children attend public or private school, you choose to homeschool your children, or your family decides to live in separate locations to accommodate schooling needs, there are resources that can help.

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Managing the day-to-day demands of military service

One of the top-ranked barriers for military spouses is managing the day-to-day, job-related demands of the service members’ jobs while trying to find or maintain employment. By being proactive and resourceful, you can find ways to manage the inherent instability and unpredictability of being part of a military family while ensuring you meet your own employment goals.

What Do you need help with?

There are three main considerations as you move. Here are some helpful resources available to you.

Finding Childcare Illustration

Finding Child Care

Child Care Resources

Resources for Finding Child Care

Resources for School-Aged Children

Finding School-Age Child Resources

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Finding Help for Stress

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Real Life Snapshot

One woman acknowledged that pressure to keep the family unit together takes a toll on a spouse’s mental health, an issue that generally goes undiscussed. She confided that she automatically finds a therapist at each new location.

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